Sunday, December 30, 2007

New Years

In my world, there's no apostrophe between the "r" and "s" in New Years. This is because each year from September through December, I have at least three opportunities to start the year anew. Take this years, for example.

Shortly after Rosh Hashonah, I realized that 5768 was probably not going to be a terrific year. Did I get upset? Certainly not. I knew another new year would begin in 80 days. Indeed it did and so far I'm liking Year A, Cycle II. But what if I'd thought this liturgical year was a bummer? No big whoop. Another new year would begin in 29 days.

In any event, I'm not all slappy happy excited about new years eve 2008. My year-end festivities haven't been the same since I began using Quicken to organize all my tax data and last night I vacuumed the one and only cat who would let me. Welcome to my world.


  1. Wow, you are a blogging force, there really is now TWO blogs of Ruth, the Wheelchair Catholic.

    I gave up on time at 2001 so I don't keep new years, I suppose I could explain that but it can't be any odder than your keeping multiple new years.

    Well, happy this new years as well.

  2. errr - amend that to - Meredith Gould - haha - onward!


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