Wednesday, January 2, 2008

About Today's Mass (January 2, 2008)

The priest celebrating today's Mass wore a white vestment underneath a chasuble with green shamrock appliqu├ęs tumbling down its front. Huge shamrocks. Tumbling. Bright green.

Being a visual-kinesthetic learner, I generally welcome visual assists to prayer and meditation. Having recently realized this, I've developed compassion for those who read missals and hold, if not actually pray, the Rosary during Mass. I, in fact, have taken to packing my pocketbook for Mass as if I were taking a long road trip with a toddler. A copy of Magnificat, my personal journal, and colored pens keep me anchored in prayerfulness rather than distracted. Hey! At least I'm not tossing Cheerios into the air and racing matchbox cars along the kneelers. Not yet, anyway.

But I found the shamrocks disturbing. Seeing them along with red poinsettias and deep green Christmas trees made me want to check the calendar to make sure I hadn't somehow time tripped forward to March 17. Alas, I didn't have my liturgical calendar with me -- no room for it in my purse, so I had to wait until arriving home to do that. Instead, I got myself anchored in the reason for this season by shifting my gaze to the nativity scene which, I am pleased to note, did not include leprechauns.


  1. LOL! I am not sure I could sit next to you at Mass without giggling, Meredith!

    My two little guys would share their cars with you if the purse was too packed for them, anytime!

  2. I have to admit that would distract me, but then I find most things in churches to be distracting/humorous since I tend to see the implication of things or see all things from all time periods simultanously (for instance, knowing where the poor people would stand behind the screen during the 17th century, or where you could bring goats to dry them - tends to distract me) plus, I find that most of the people who use the annual litergy haven't been brought up to memorize the bible and so I spend much of my time trying to figure out why an extract from the lament of the Isrealites in captivity where they wished they could smash they heads of their captors babies into rocks has to do with the parable of the mustard seed. So I am sure we would be great company.

    I just wish they did things "old style" like in they 2nd century when the congregation used to follow the cross out of the church and have hymn wars on the street corners with other Christian sects.

  3. Thanks for the great comments! I try to be reverential during liturgy but if I'm sitting next to a pal, then I tend to whisper my more outre observations. To get back on track, I attend Mass where the only one I know (and who knows me) is God, then I don't have to say this stuff out loud.

    I'll have more to say in a separate post about which century *I* miss and why. Hint: 1st.

  4. Leprechuans, LOL!! We stopped taking snacks and toys to Mass when our 4th yelled out "eat it, eat it" during the consecration, I kid you not, ahem, let's just say, the priest has now moved on to another parish.


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