Saturday, June 21, 2008

An Author's Life: Copyedits Continue (III)

As it turns out, the copy editing error I was flipping out about last week will probably be corrected in blue lines, not that blue lines are really blue any more, although (we) diehards still use this term for the near-final part of the printing process.

Changes are such a hassle at this point that fees are loaded onto what are termed "AAs." Although this is the industry abbreviation for "Author's Alterations," I tend think of these as "Author's Altercations" because someone (i.e., the author) has to pitch a fit to get changes made at this juncture.

For the record, I did not have to pitch a fit to anyone at Morehouse. I did, however, casually mention puking.

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  1. Glad they're correcting it. I, for one, find it appropriate that they are called "blue" lines, considering the angst and frustration involved in finding errors after so many checks and balances...argh!


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