Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I Confess

I was given two "Our Fathers" and two "Hail Marys" for penance earlier today. That's right, I went to Confession today on sort of my own volition. I say "sort of" because it wasn't a Saturday afternoon, Lent is long over and it's not even close to Advent.

But something in the homily during today's noon Mass inspired me to ask the (visiting) priest if he had time to hear my Confession, so according to my calculations:
Something + Sort Of = Holy Spirit

At some point, I'll probably write about my latest Confession. It was interesting in the way it always is when I let the Holy Spirit call me to reconciliation. Right now I'm fixated on whether there's a statute of limitations on completing this penance.

Was I supposed to say these prayers before leaving church and driving over to DSW Shoe Warehouse where I finally found canvas Keds sneakers in my size? Was I supposed to complete them before watching episodes five through eight from the third season of "Desperate Housewives" while scarfing down sugar free chocolate pudding made with Lactaid milk? Well, I didn't.

I'm waiting for something to sort of reveal the right time and place. Veni, Sancte Spiritus.


  1. Golly. I thought you were 'apposed to do your penance sorta sooner than ASAP. And if you don't, it's cause for - as my kids put it - serious smote-ing.
    Except for penances like one I have, which is to never, ever, ever talk about a particular subject ever again, unless, if I really can't hold it in anymore, with a priest in confession.
    Wise priest.

  2. I think it they/we tell children it has to be done immediately because that'll make them do it. Frankly, I'd rather make a conscious effort to be with the prayers rather than slam through them to get out of church, which is what I suspect far too many people end up doing.

    And then there was the penance that involved reading an entire book. Was I supposed to have brought a blow up mattress and a cooler with snacks to Confession so I could hunker down until the book was completed? I don't think so!


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