Sunday, August 24, 2008

"Tell no one..."

Had I been asked to "break open the Word" for today's Mass, I would've skipped right to the end of the gospel reading and focused on Matthew 16:20, "Then he strictly ordered his disciples to tell no one that he was the Christ."

Throughout the synoptic gospels, Jesus tells his disciples and other groupies to keep their yaps shut about who he is (the Christ) and what he has done (healed the sick and raised the dead). Do they? Doubtful. After all, they are human; forbidden fruit takes many forms. For all we know, Peter, James, and John raced down the mountain right back to Jesus Headquarters to blab about the Transfiguration.

So what was Jesus up to in these stories? Working a bit of reverse psychology? And if so, to what end? Was he being strategic? I think this is all worth pondering and plan to do so as I lay supine on the couch for the rest of my Sabbath afternoon.

Image snagged from: Jesus of the Week

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  1. This line gets a great workout in Cycle B when we're reading from Mark. We have it well-drilled into our heads here that "until you know the death and resurrection, you don't know Jesus."

    More fun today was the wide variety of answers we give to "Who are you?" Your name is one thing. If someone in a blue uniform is asking, it's your Dept. of Corrections number. If it's someone else in a jumpsuit, he usually wants to know why you're in prison. Add to those identities, the other parts we play: daughter/son, sister/brother, parent, spouse, worker and on and on. It's easy to forget our first identity.

    We are beloved children of God. And until we learn that whole story, we have a lot to learn.


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