Sunday, September 21, 2008

The God of 2nd Chances: Church Choir

While we may grow weary from granting one another yet another chance to get it right, I believe our God does not. There's plenty of scriptural evidence of God getting annoyed, but as the psalmist reminds us, God's love and mercy endures forever. And so I've come to believe -- and have seen in my own life -- how God always grants divine do-overs.

I've especially noticed this happening for me in the domain of church choir, starting last Advent and Christmas and then carrying forward to present time. I really shouldn't be surprised. The music ministry played a significant role in my faith formation as I considered entering into full communion with the Catholic church.

These days, my Inward Ho adventures continue at a venerable parish where I, a relative newcomer, have finally joined the choir. This morning, the guy who collects the music after Mass actually smiled, possibly because I waited patiently instead of shoving my hymnal at him or leaving it on the piano. Usually he seems exasperated, something I noticed because I was perpetually perturbed when it was my (volunteer) job to collect and refile hymnals and octavos.

Big deal? Surprisingly so. The way I see it, God is giving me another chance to be in harmony on oh-so-many levels.

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