Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A word about astrology...

Of course I dabbled in astrology. Is there anyone with my demographic profile who hasn't? This went on during the 1980s and because I'm a chronic over-achiever, my dabbling went well beyond reading horoscope columns. It went beyond Western astrology. My natal chart and transits were mapped by a Vedic astrologer.

This all came to a screeching halt after I was baptized. Within months of that blessed event I heard the proverbial Small Still Voice say, "I made the stars and planets. You want to know anything? Ask me." There's more to this story. When is there not? Basically, I never again looked at a horoscope or consulted an astrologer.

Still, I cannot help but think and feel (but not necessarily believe) there's something to being born a Pisces. And without naming names, I'll note that I've had conversations about the Pisces factor with devout Catholics who were also born under this sign. Viewing astrology as a bucket of hogwash doesn't stop us from saying at times, "must be a Pisces thing" or even, "is Mercury in transit or what?"

So this morning, when someone mentioned the current moon phase, I caught myself thinking, "that would explain this feeling of flopping around on the shore in not quite enough water." Maybe. Maybe not. At least I'm clear about who holds my safety net.


  1. Dearest Pisces,
    If I may quote Natalie Angier of NYT Science Times, "The gravitational field of the gynecolgist is stronger than that of Jupiter on a newborn baby." And the star charts of every astrologer, whether eastern or western, are based on a geocentric universe. Being mooned will affect your life more than the lunar orb, unless you happen to be in rip tide.

  2. When people ask me what sign I was born under I say, "The first time - Pisces and the second time - Logos."

    Have a wonderful (be filled with wonder!) day!




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