Saturday, November 29, 2008

Advent : Watchful Waiting and...Arguing?

I thought I was seeing evidence of ecumenical healing in a recent story about Evangelical Protestants recognizing and embracing Advent. Then I read approximately half of the 631 posted comments before logging out with dismay.

Looks like intra-religious animosity is alive and thriving -- Protestants bashing Catholics, Catholics bashing Protestants; mutual disdain and disregard; sheer ignorance all around; spelling errors. Brave attempts by a stalwart few to remind participants that Christians should at least agree on this point: Christ Jesus is Lord.

I say it's a darn good thing we have God's durable covenant with Noah (Genesis 9:8-17). If there was ever a time for God to declare the past 5769 years an unholy beta test, this would surely be it.

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