Saturday, November 22, 2008

Coincidence or Correlation?

It's not even Advent and my Christmas cactus is blooming. Coincidence or correlated to the sudden drop in temperature? I may be a social scientist but high mileage along the spiritual path has persuaded me that there are no coincidences; standard measures of correlation do not apply.

Decades ago, I rejected "coincidence" as a useful concept. I'd collected enough evidence to persuade me that so-called coincidence would be more productively viewed as the "invisible hand of God made visible." I realize this won't work for everyone. For one thing, belief in God is a prerequisite. It also helps to embrace the notion of mystery and then be willing to see mystery revealed in the mundane.

My life has been enriched beyond measure by adopting this viewpoint. This morning I laughed with delight upon seeing a half dozen vibrant pink cactus flowers. I welcome them as God's visible evidence that life can be generated during even the darkest of seasons. Correlated to the temperature? Perhaps, but I prefer to believe that prayer had something to do with this morning's gift.

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  1. What a lovely gift, mine is still suffereing from "moving" shock but will surely bloom by Christmas, it is always faithful ;-) Hugs!


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