Thursday, December 4, 2008

SPAM du Jour

Now that I've adjusted Outlook's SPAM filters, most e-crap goes directly to the Junk E-Mail folder. Gutsy as I may be in other sectors of my life, I am not bold enough to delete this folder without first scanning what's in there.

I've also been known to un-delete stuff, when the attention-grabbing headline grabbed my attention after I hit the delete key.

All this is preface to note that I've been reluctant to delete these chunks o' SPAM:

Titan Peeler: Peel, slice, shave, and shred like never before!
I'm a freelance line editor, so I think I might need this to tidy up manuscripts.

Obama Coin: U.S. mint Presidential Dollar!
An economic recession has been declared officially, so I think I might need this to stuff into my mattress.

Beggin Strips: 2 Bags of Chewy Bacon Dog Treats!
I'm a consultant, so I think I might need these to attract/retain clients.

The College Network: Meredith, Give Yourself the Gift of Education!
I already gave myself the gift of too darn much education. Still, this offers me an opportunity to register for an Online Paralegal Certificate program. I aide an attorney, so I think I might need this to make partner.


  1. Aren't you supposed to be finishing a MS??? Too funny, and I say, just delete it all!!!!

  2. Yes, Mummy, I'm 'sposed to be finishing a ms. Will get right back to it... ;-)

  3. This wasn't in my spam folder but my favorite was the ad for a coin set with the headline that read something like, "Tell the kids they're shiny, round, dated, valuable action figures!" My 6-year-old got a kick out of it too.

  4. Bright and shiny seems to be the way to attract kids AND adults these days. Thanks for your comment!


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