Friday, January 2, 2009

Comments Redux & Mea Culpa

Mea culpa is Latin for "my bad." Did you know that? Isn't it just so fascinating that the Church figured out how to say "my bad" centuries ago? Necessity is the Mother, eh?

As I just wrote to yet another friend: Mea mongo culpa.

My friends are very smart, so when more than one wonders why she's being asked to donate an organ/blood before posting a comment, I need to check out what's happening.

I just tried posting a comment on my own blog, saw the options, choked, and then went to the settings on Blogger. Someone -- I'm thinking the tabby Thelma because she's the only one smart enough around here -- changed the settings. I've changed them back to easy peasy.

Now, if you click on comment, your options will include commenting with your name or URL. Use your URL if you want traffic back to your website/blog. You also have the option of posting anonymously but I hope you'll ignore that option. After all, if you can't write anything snarky in public with your name, don't write anything snarky at all!


  1. I'm glad you changed it! I really dislike blogs that make it nearly impossible to comment. I hope this post inspires other bloggers to double check the process to comment on their blogs.

  2. I have no organs left to donate!


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