Monday, February 16, 2009

Discovering My Power Animal

You know about "power animals," right?

They're what anthropologists term a "cultural universal" because every known culture develops some kind of system of totems to signify tribe, clan, or family. At the personal level, power animals serve as protective spirits, convey power, and enhance woo-woo Oneness.

During the 1990s, lots of not-really Hindus and not-really-Buddhists became not-really-Native Americans. These 30-something Seekers invested in turtle rattles. They swapped out drumming before satsang for drumming during Vision Quests.

I, for one, skipped this stop on my way to becoming a Catholic Christian. Nevertheless, over a decade ago, I did allow a not-really-clear friend to explore her potential as a shaman. I let her bang a drum and then shake a turtle rattle over my head to summon my power animal.

Although I'd been under the thrall of cats for years, I was not at all surprised when a Great Heron flapped its way into my cosmic energy field. For years these magnificent birds had appeared in the most propitious ways, which is amazing considering my location in Suburban Captivity.

That was then. This is now. Over the weekend, my true power animal was suggested via email by a really-very-clear friend. As far as I know, no turtles were killed and rattled to reveal that my true power animal is -- a Gadfly.


  1. I am currently a dog or a wolf or some other kind of pack animal.

  2. Heavens, what? LOL I have never heard of this. Very interesting post !

  3. doing my best impersonation of a night owl lately...

    thanks for this post and the last one - made me laugh out loud...


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