Thursday, February 5, 2009

Eternal Peace, Michael Dubriel

The Catholic blogosphere and catechetical community mourns the loss of Michael Dubriel, a Catholic author who died suddenly on Tuesday. Michael is the husband of author, Amy Welborn and the father of their young children.

Amy provides information about the funeral arrangements on her blog, Charlotte is Both. She also asks this of the Catholic community:
Many thanks for all of the prayers and notes. It is overwhelming. Many have asked what they can do of a material or concrete nature. All I can say is to simply buy his books. Not from me, because I am in no position to fill orders, but from anywhere else. He long ago promised God that he would give all the royalties of The How To Book of the Mass to the children’s college funds, which he did faithfully. It is in good shape because of that. Buy them, read them, and give them away to others. Spread the Word. That is what he was all about.
Meanwhile, Faith & Family Magazine & Blog has created a way to make online contributions to support the Dubriel family's financial well-being.

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