Sunday, April 26, 2009

Polka Dots and Pearls

I'm getting ready for church. Oh what to wear on this bright, sunny, and threatening-to-hit 90 degrees third Sunday of Easter? I peer into my closet and briefly consider a flowered pencil skirt. It gets rejected immediately when I see dots flashing before my eyes.

Those dots would be polka dots. It's a no contest, no brainer. I'm going to wear black capri pants with white polka dots, black patent leather flats, and pearls.

You know how I feel about flip flops? I feel all that and more about polka dots. Polka dots look like laughter tossed against fabric; always playful even when symmetrical. They remind me of pop beads; button candy on paper.

Both button candy and pop beads were popular during the 1950s before everything became a life-threatening allergen and kids weren't allowed to choke a bit to learn a lesson. (And, didn't we Boomers turn out okay? Never mind.)

Polka dots have danced in and out of style since around 1840, although most people remember polka dots from the 1950s and again during the 1980s. In 1988, my Don't Mess dress was red with white polka dots. My kinder, gentler version was in Navy blue.

I buy clothing with polka dots whenever that fabric is in vogue and will wear polka dots even if fashion dictates otherwise. And, so what? Love polka dots. For church, I accessorize with pearl jewelry. Not only do pearls look great with polka dots, but they're appropriately reverential if you think them through to Matthew 13:45-46. Amen.


  1. Meredith- Loved this post. Don't know why but it reminded me of a High school football team we used to play back home in WV. The school was the same name as the town- Polka, WV and you guessed it their mascot was "The Dots" I'm not making this up. Bet you looked lovely! Blessings friend!

  2. There is a fun, never out of style sense to polka dots.
    I'm a “polka dotter” from way back. My high school graduation dress: Yellow w/white polka dots, my all time favorite book: Dr.Seuss Put me in the Zoo.
    I've decorated my Easter cookies for my nephews in pastel dots for years. My favorite polka dots of all are my beloved living room curtains white on white polka dots sheers.
    Thank you and bless you for giving me an opportunity to smile and feel a little silly this ternoon.

  3. Must have been the blustering heat this afternoon, or my brain may have been ‘dotted” with computer frustrations. I was so caught up with enjoying the memories your the last 2 blogs conjured up, that I forgot to sign my name. Anonymous nope, I like to be known. Peace my friend, Barbara

  4. Meredith, Thanks for reminding me about "pop beads". I had a multi- color collection...the envy of all my friends. I haven't thought about that fun in years!!

  5. I had a multi-colored pop bead collection, too. Loved them. And I did indeed pop them apart with my teeth and did NOT choke.


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