Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Blogging at Jewcy.com

Although doing so would certainly put me into a much-needed theta state, I haven't ditched blogging for chanting the Litany of the Saints. Quite the contrary. This week, my adrenal system is working out at Jewy.com.

Jewcy describes itself as: an online media outlet/blog, social network, and brand devoted to helping Jews and their peers expand the meaning of community by presenting a spectrum of voices, content, and discussion.

I was invited to come over for a week-long play date by editor, Lilit Marcus whose writing is delightfully thought-provoking in both content and style. Exhibit A: "New York Is My Israel." Exhibit B: "A History of My Jewish Identity Viewed Through Men I've Dated."

My posts to date reveal yet more about my interior experience as a [adjective]:
"Why Is There a Menorah on the Altar?" (Monday, 11/9)
"The Muzuzah and the Crucifix" (Tuesday, 11/10)

Hope you'll click over to read more and will spend time visiting the entire site while you're there.


  1. "A History of My Jewish Identity Viewed Through Men I’ve Dated" is great, she writes on a manner that I love, easy to read, sarcastic funny, intelligent.

    Liturgy of the Hours


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