Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Lent Madness 2010 at Clergy Family Confidential

Not too late to jump into Lent Madness 2010 over at Clergy Family Confidential, Father Tim Schenck's gloriously quirky yet profound blog. Or perhaps I should be characterizing his blog as profoundly quirky? WhatEVER.

Tim is such a terrific writer that even his most irreverent stuff is infused with reverence. And while I've always considered him amusing, Lent Madness 2010 truly moves him into the domain of comic genius. Here's an excerpt from a lengthier explanation of the "Saintly Smackdown" over at his blog:

"Here’s how it will work. There will be 32 saints signed up for the tournament. Each day I’ll print some information about two of them and then we’ll take a vote. We’ll continue Lent Madness until we have crowned a saintly champion. Hopefully we’ll all learn a bit more about a few saints in the process. If your favorite saint isn’t included, fear not. If this works out well we can make this an annual event. If it’s a disaster, we can forget it ever happened."

Brilliant. I had no intention of doing more than reading the posts but now I wake up each morning entirely too interested in voting and if Theresa of Avila hadn't beat Bartholomew, I would've really been cheesed off.

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  1. Thank you for mentioning St. Theresa of Avila! I am not much of a saint-centered person, but if I were, she would be definitely Number One! Guess she is anyway!


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