Friday, April 16, 2010

Blogalogue with Paul Brian Campbell: Day Five

Love when a man of God is also wise, smart and a good sport! Paul Brian Campbell, SJ is certainly all that and more, especially considering the conditions under which he's writing this morning to answer my question: "What do you make of Pope Benedict's latest statement calling for the Church to do penance?"


I write this under unusual circumstances as I have a three-year old crawling all over me and offering to help me type. I’m staying with friends in Southern California because last night I sponsored their eldest son at Confirmation.

My hostess is the quintessential “good Catholic mother.” (She claims her mother wouldn’t agree but she says that at least she tries.) She told me she nearly stood up and had a “Joe Wilson moment” during the homily on Good Friday when her Pastor preached on how attacks on the Pope were attacks on all of us. She was not impressed with the latest from the Holy Father. I think the Vatican has lost nearly all its credibility with people like my friend.

I think that Pope Benedict is saying the right things or at least better things but I’m concerned that it’s too little, too late. I am reminded of the British queen who initially failed to respond to Princess Diana’s death and only appeared on TV with a stilted appreciation of Diana because the British people were outraged and demanded that she do something. Queen Elizabeth did enough to appease the nation and is still on the throne. I imagine Pope Benedict will also survive this crisis.

This has not been my most cogent post, I’m afraid, but I’d rather write with my god-daughter hanging around my neck than do anything else on earth.

Thank you for the last week of dialogue. It has been wondrous. Bless you.



You'll find my answer to Paul's poignant question (from a poem by Mary Oliver) over at People for Others.


  1. Your worries about the post being cogent are not needed... I am weeping as I read and reminded of how sacramental this all is.

    God bless you and thank you for this week.

  2. Have a wonderful time with your goddaughter, Fr. Paul.

    As to the Pope, it is one thing to talk the talk. Another one to walk the talk. Especially when, not long ago, he did neither.

    But you, Meredith and Paul, keep our hope going. Thank you.

  3. When I read the Pope's latest comments all I could hear were the words of John Dean. It's not the crime. It's the cover up. May God have mercy on me a sinner, and on my brothers in Christ who are in leadership positions in the Roman Catholic Church.


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