Thursday, July 1, 2010

Creating My Own Identity Crisis

For years, I've been indulgently self-soothing by going on about being stuck in Suburban Captivity. That's about to change because next week I'll be moving back (forward?) to a city.

Okay, so it's not The Center of the Universe City (aka New York) but it's a terrific city* and not in New Jersey. A few comments about New Jersey: it really is a lovely state and I've been fortunate to live in one of the more lovely areas for...too damn long.

Where am I going?

Baltimore. Yes, you may now call me "hon."

While there are many great reasons for this move at this point in this life of mine, I have caught myself wondering if this isn't the most exquisitely elaborate work avoidance maneuver I've yet to concoct on the way to writing another book.

And when I'm not wondering about that, I'm wondering if I've just created my own identity crisis. How on earth will I characterize myself next? I'm counting on more being revealed in the fullness of God's time and timing.

*Food, art, street music, gazillion churches, public transportation, tall buildings, colleges, crime.

Image: © Cynthia DiBlaisi

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  1. I understand that to fit in, you will have to work on your pronunciation. People from Baltimore tend to say the name thusly:


    Said quickly,and with equal stress on both syllables.

    Does anyone there still call the place "Charm City"?

    Happy to be in Mesquite, Texas*

    *Meh-skeet' or Muh'-skeet, take yore pick, y'all, but always said with uh smaihl.


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