Saturday, July 17, 2010

My Proposal to the Vatican: Year of the Kitty

Unless I'm missing something on the Vatican website, it looks like the Holy Father has yet to declare it the year of anything. A priest buddy* told me it was going to be the Year of Marriage. I think he was goofing on me.

But even if the Year of Marriage is slated to follow the (dreadful) Year of St. Paul and the (even worse) Year of the Priest, I'd like to suggest Pope Benedict XVI exercise his ex cathedra option and declare it Year of the Kitty instead.

Doing so would be a nice nod in the direction of acknowledging all God's creation while providing plenty of fodder for members and observers of the Roman Catholic church. After all, who does not know that Pope Benedict XIV loves cats? Thus, Year of the Kitty would provide something for everyone ─ like those who love cats and hate the papacy; those who love the papacy and hate cats; and everyone along the spectrum in all directions.

And really, who wouldn't enjoy spending a year singing All Creatures of Our God and King:

and My Favorite Things:

*You know who you are.


  1. Not certain I get what's supposedly problematical about either the Pauline year or the year for priests.

    Regardless, Tessa, my sweet little Russian Blue is already off to a running start if there's ever a hypothetical, ecclesiastical kitty thing:

  2. Oh, it's all about ME -- Year of St. Paul was, uh, challenging and Year of the Priest was, depending on your perspective fraught with irony or prophecy.

  3. You would need some Lutherans involved to insure that the singing of All Creatures was at the appropriate volume and intensity. Also, given conventional dogma (pun intended) about dogs going to heaven, would a Feline Year face a major theological challenge by those who are Canine oriented? Finally, Cluny is concerned about whether there would be any special papal restrictions on participation by Scottish Folds, given smaller folded/unfolded ears, large paws and other distinctive features.

  4. Somewhere, somewhere, I read that the Pope fancies felines.

  5. It'll never happen. Pope's fav country song is George Strait singing "You Know Me Better Than That"

  6. B16 is a cat guy. He might go for it.

    P.S. What could possibly be wrong with a Year for Paul?


  7. Paul: Pauls have been much improved since the first century!


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