Friday, September 3, 2010

I Am My Own Best Entertainment

Don't know what you do for evening entertainment at the end of a long week, but for a rip-roaring great time I crack open a can of A&W Diet Cream Soda* and take online quizzes. I like ones designed to assess spiritual and religious identity.

I always begin my quiz fête with Belief-O-Matic (TM) at Beliefnet. At times, my scores for Orthodox Quaker, Reform Judaism and Hinduism are much higher than my score for Roman Catholicism. Tonight, my score for Roman Catholicism was also my score for Eastern Orthodox and Sikhism. Go figure.

Other results were also. . . interesting.

When, according to Belief-O-Matic, my spiritual and religious beliefs scored in alignment with those of Mainline Liberal Protestants, I decided to take the What's Your Spiritual Type quiz, where I scored as a "Questioning Believer" ─ only 11 points away from "Candidate for Clergy."

But according to What Kind of Catholic Are You, I'm a "Divine Office (Moderately Traditional) Catholic," possibly because of my answers to questions about liturgy, music and church décor. Frankly, I would have classified myself as either an "Ignatian Exercises (Moderately Progressive) Catholic" or a "Centering Prayer (Very Progressive) Catholic," even though I want to run screaming from the sanctuary whenever we're supposed to sing, "On Eagle's Wings."

To round out tonight's inquiry, I took Do You Know Your Matzoh from your Moshiach and was ridiculously thrilled to discover I got all but one of 18 answers correct.

In case it's not totally clear, I am my own best entertainment. So, what do you do on Friday nights?

* Horrors: A&W Diet Cream Soda is not available in Baltimore, Maryland. I've been forced to import it from New Jersey.

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  1. I'm WAY behind on my blog reading, so just now seeing this. What a fun set of quizzes! I thought you might be amused to hear that my score for Reform Judaism is much higher than for "mainline to liberal protestant." But, then, so is hinduism and two types of buddhism. So, that explains why I also came out as a "questioning seeker" - but you knew that!


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