Friday, September 17, 2010

Through My Most Grievous Fault

I'm taking stock of my thoughts, words and deeds today and not just because it's erev Yom Kippur. The fact I've had to lower the asking price of my home yet again has prompted me to take stock of the situation.

Truth to tell, my simmering disappointment in St. Joseph is starting to roil to a boiling resentment. And since reciting the entire Serenity Prayer doesn't seem to be working, I'm hauling out another tool ─ looking at my part in the matter.

After making a "fearless and searching moral inventory," I confess:
  • deciding to bury St. Joseph in my yard was, but only in part, motivated by the prospect of getting a coolio photo shoot out of the event;
  • although I was fairly reverential at the time, I did not offer a novena ─ unless 9 minutes of chanting, "St. Joe, do your thing" counts; and that
  • referring to the entire ritual as GCS* was probably not a smart move.
And so:

I am sorry for these sins with all my heart. In choosing to be goofy and snarky, I'm pretty sure I may have sinned against You Whom I should love and respect above all things. Mea maxima culpa. Create in me a clean heart and renew in me an upright spirit. Amen.

There, that should make things right. The lack of a buyer couldn't possibly be due to the atrocious economy, could it?

* Leaving it to you, dear reader, to figure out what that acronym means.


  1. Love this and you. Will pray. Hope to C U soon!

  2. My personal opinion: The One you love and respect gets a kick out of your goofiness and snarkiness, what I would call your delightfully irreverent reverence.

    Wishing you a good fast.


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