Friday, October 8, 2010

One Home Closes, Another One Opens

Many years ago, someone wise in the way of prayer explained to me how praying for "patience" is just plain stupid. Why petition the Almighty for opportunities to practice what is already in short supply?

Made sense, so I switched to simply praying for God's will and have, over the years, been fairly faithful to this approach.

In re: selling my suburban hermitage, I finally got back to basics after messing around with St. Joseph. Clearly, burying him under a clump of day lilies wasn't working. What had I been thinking? I kissed off that technique and kissed the house sale up to God.

Fast forward a couple of weeks and by 11:00 this morning I no longer owned property in New Jersey.

So, did God send me the buyer with cash? The buyer who didn't bother getting a formal property inspection, loved the garden and wanted to close the deal quickly? The buyer who, according to my realtor, showed up at today's closing wearing a ginormous cross and mentioned how she "felt something" the moment she walked into the hermitage? Did God send this buyer?

How much do I want to spiritualize the kiss-it-up-to-God thing? I wish I could say not much, but that would be a lie.

Your will, God, not mine.

Okay, now what?


  1. And the brokerage commissions on prayer are great...

  2. Meredith -- nice news, nice post. And it expresses your gratitude. -- Jim


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