Monday, November 22, 2010

As Thanksgiving 2010 Approaches . . .

As Thanksgiving Day approaches, I fondly recall the first parish-based ministry I volunteered to lead: the Comfort Food ministry. Can't remember if it was always called that, but that's what we called it when I stepped up to the plate ─ pun shamelessly intended.

It was a food bank of sorts, developed for parishioners in distress. Comfort Food ministers kept the parish freezer stocked with home-cooked dinners. Those in our healthcare, bereavement and Elizabeth ministries took these good-to-go meals with them to parishioners as needed.

It was generally known that anyone could take a meal; generally understood that the rationale for doing so was more dire than, "I'm tired of pizza delivery and the same goes double for Chinese take-out."

Thanksgiving was always somewhat challenging. Despite extraordinarily "robust" levels of academic achievement, parishioners needed weekly reminders about dropping off whole, uncooked and frozen turkeys, as in: Don't do this! Bulletin blurbs became increasingly less gentle by the 4th Sunday of Advent.

Although I rued this annual situation, as well as the inevitability of baked ziti, I had more pressing gustatory concerns.

And so it came to pass that I began my tenure as head of the Comfort Food ministry proclaiming: No meal shall ever be glued together with cream-of-anything soup.

I never faced any overt push-back from the casserole crowd. Perhaps I imagined hearing a huge sigh of relief ─ other than mine.


  1. Oh but Meredith you NEED to try this!

  2. Does not meet the gluten-free & dairy free requirements for me but I will pass the recipe along to the nearest church. Would you suggest Roman Catholic, Lutheran, Episcopal -- your choice!

  3. Two words for you: Tomato Aspic.

  4. Two words for you: Tomato Aspic.

  5. I want to cheer! Your mission to exorcise Cream Of ____ Soup from the cooking habits of the casserole-bringing masses is a trailblazing, thankless one, but I'm hoping your visionary idea catches on! :)

  6. Well, Michelle, I don't know if they reverted back to evil Cream Of ways after I passed the ministry chafing dish warmer. I suspect the next person held the line because she was a superb cook and Italian.

  7. I love the idea of a Comfort Food Ministry! Now you've got me thinking. Ouch!


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