Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Skipping Ahead to Gaudete on the 3rd Day of Advent

I have no idea if an angel actually appeared in last night's dream, but if one did, I'm guessing it was the Archangel Gabriel: Angel of the Annunciation; perhaps the most sacred messenger of God's sacred messengers; the one I affectionately refer to as the Patron Saint of Blabbermouths.

In any event, I woke up this morning suffused with an absolute and profoundly deep knowledge that today was the day to ditch my land line telephone. God via Gabriel makes perfect sense ─ to me.

Thus it came to pass that by noon I'd spent approximately 90 minutes dealing with two different Verizon representatives; the second one apologizing for the incompetence of the first. Glory be . . .

By 1:30, I'd recorded my final land line voice mail message saying, "don't leave a message" and had unplugged two phones, dumping them and all their paraphernalia into a bag destined for Goodwill.

And while I see just about everything as a "God thing," I didn't have to search for the divine meaning of this blessed event. The ever-increasing relief I felt as the day continued was evidence enough.

Behold! It's only the third day of Advent and already I'm rejoicing!

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