Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Some-Not-All About Me Announcements!

Much to be grateful for this Thanksgiving. If you read this blog, you can probably recite my gratitude list which, in alpha order, begins with Almighty God. Baltimore comes next, along with the Brendae. (I now have two fabulous gal pals named Brenda.)Baltimore double dips as Charm City because it is all that for realz, hon.

No, I won't drag you through my gratitude list, but will mention that the Virtual Abbey (@Virtual_Abbey) has captured the "V" spot as a segue to these announcements for the season we now enter.

* Please visit The Virtual Abbey blog and check out our Thanksgiving Day post, wherein we offer links to hunger-relief charitable organizations. While you're at it, clicking on this badge will lead you to where you can make help make a difference:
The Hunger Site

* No News (for some people) Announcement: The liturgical season of Advent begins this Sunday. I'll finish Striking the Set of Ordinary Time on Saturday and invite you to: 1) do the same; and 2) resist all secular temptation to start with the Christmas stuff before Christmas Vigil.

If you have a Twitter account, I invite you to add the #Advent2010 twibbon to your avatar and keep it there until December 24. Designed by yours truly, the twibbon features a violet ribbon plus a pink star to represent the 3rd Sunday in Advent (Gaudete Sunday).

* Shameless Self-Promotion: At a loss as to what to do for Advent beyond lighting special candles in a special wreath and marching your Magi toward the manger? If so (and even if not), please help me march toward earning royalties by ordering The Catholic Home: Celebrations and Traditions for Holidays, Feast Days, and Every Day (Doubleday). Despite the title, the tips in this book will help anyone in a "high" church tradition celebrate the liturgical year.


  1. I made the gratitude list!?!? Amazing! Seriously, I love being your gal pal and I'm looking forward to knowing you IRL soon. Bless YOU this Thanksgiving. You are a gift to so many. Totally get being thankful for TVA. Cried through that post-which will be up tonight.

    BIG hugs!!!!

  2. We do blue Advent now. And do you know how tired I am of fighting with ushers about how the pink candle is NOT the 4th one?

  3. Sarum blue, eh? It's a look! I'm partial to violet, which I insist on calling purple to upset liturgists.

  4. IC! I'm well!! Moved to Baltimore!!! Following your adventures on your blog. Pacem.


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