Thursday, December 16, 2010

O! It's the O Antiphon Time of the Year!!

I have absolutely no idea why I have this thing for the O Antiphons, but I start getting seriously giddy about Christmas when December 17th rolls around.*

If you visit The Virtual Abbey blog from December 17th through the 23rd, you'll find more evidence of my passion for this O-so-lovely tradition.

December 17
O Sapientia (Wisdom)
Isaiah 11:2-3, 28:29

December 18
O Adonai (Lord)
Isaiah 11:4-5, 33:22

December 19
O Radix Jesse (Root of Jesse)
Isaiah 11:1, 10

December 20

O Clavis David (Key of David)
Isaiah 9:6, 22:22

December 21
O Oriens (Rising Sun)
Isaiah 9:1

December 22
O Rex Gentium (King of All Nations)
Isaiah 2:4, 9:5, 28:16

December 23
O Emmanuel (God With Us)
Isaiah 7:14, 8:8

*Truth to tell, this is a relatively recent development. Advent and Christmas were near total bummers until the turn of this century. You can count on me having more to say/write about that.

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