Thursday, March 24, 2011

About the Tooth Fairy

I had the privilege of spending part of last week at the Social Media Summit co-sponsored by Ragan Communications and the Mayo Clinic for Social Media (MCCSM). I serve on the External Advisory Board for MCCSM and this was a superb opportunity to meet lots of people IRL (in real life) with whom I've been chatting, some for years, via Twitter. I also got to meet new people and learn new stuff. Very stimulating.

What does this have to do with the Tooth Fairy?

While listening very carefully to conference presenters -- because I excel at multi-tasking -- I ended up in a most delightful conversation with PR pro, Jenn Riggle (@riggrl). Turns out her ten-year old daughter frequently asks thought-provoking questions like this splendid one:

What does the Tooth Fairy do with the teeth?

My immediate thought? The Tooth Fairy uses the teeth to create calcium-rich fairy dust to sprinkle on post-menopausal women as they/we slumber. Got a better idea?

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