Tuesday, March 8, 2011

And I'd Like to Thank the Liturgical Calendar . . .

For this (sort-of) harmonic convergence 
on (Ash) Wednesday, March 9, 2011:



  1. Happy Birthday to you beloved friend!

  2. I say give yourself a dispensation...Pick it up tomorrow...Have a happy birthday!
    It's happened to me as well in the past. I celebrate on 3/6.

  3. In addition to the spiritual significance of your birthday falling on Ash Wednesday, I also want to thank god for "you" and the loving friendship and sisterhood you have given to me and so many others. You are a blessing and I wish you all the joy and good health possible for a woman who will, thanks be to god, always be older than me! Happy Birthday! I love you dearly.

  4. Thank you, Heavenly Father for the blessing of Meredith, her inspirational influence as a woman of faith, her sense of humor, her emotional and spiritual support and her friendship.... Please bless her in this coming year with much to celebrate. Thank you, Lord. Amen.

  5. Happy B-day! Does that mean that you get to celebrate your birthday for forty days?

  6. Thanks everyone! Had a most excellent birthday, which did include chocolate -- not that I'd ever be so silly as to give that up for Lent.


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