Friday, April 1, 2011

Health Faith | Making the Connection Sacred

See this delightful image? I'm using it as the avatar for my new Twitter account: @HealthFaith. You'll also find it on my new blog: Health Faith | Making the Connection Sacred.

Really and truly this project should come as no surprise — unless you do not know I've spent more than two decades writing for and about the health and healthcare industry.* I go on about this in more detail at my website.

For professional and personal reasons, I'm also keen on what's going on within the empowered patient or participatory medicine movement. This movement is made up of patients, caregivers and  physicians committed to the audacious notion that wellness and healthcare delivery must be a cooperative, collaborative process.

I also believe spiritual life is a key component of health and wellness. I'm not alone in recognizing  a sacred connection between health and faith. But as I mention in the first post on that blog, people in the healthcare industry are reluctant to talk about this connection. Not I, of course. Maybe not you either?

* Surely you did not think writing books paid the mortgage or, now, rent!

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