Saturday, May 21, 2011

Rapture? I'm Enraptured with Twitter!

Of course I needed 13.5 hours of sleep after this week's adventures in NYC, so that's what I did last night after returning to Baltimore and scarfing down a meal at Cafe Hon.

It was strangely silent in my apartment building when I awoke. Had I been Left Behind? Doubtful.

Not to be prideful, but I'm pretty sure God would want me around for comic relief from overly pious souls. I logged onto Tweetdeck just to be sure the Rapture hadn't happened* and was soon laughing my corporeal butt off.

Enjoy these screen shots of just some quips from the Twitterati, proof positive of why I'm enraptured with Twitter:

* New ETD: 6:00 PM EDT on 5/21/11

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