Wednesday, May 25, 2011

This is my brain...on Catholicism?

Want to guess who first alerted me to the research report about faster brain shrinkage among Catholics, born-again Protestants, and atheists? The email included this observation, "Now this explains why you became Roman Catholic." Very funny.

Really, I did laugh. But after reviewing the methodology, I know this research couldn't possibly apply to my aging hippocampus.

Participants, all 268 of 'em, were primarily "Southeastern Protestant Christians" aged 58 and older. I, on the other hand am a Jew who was born in NYC to parents from Brooklyn; Jesus didn't show up on my radar as Christ until I was in my 40s; cavorting with Jesuits has helped my thinking expand; and being Roman Catholic does, at times, make my brain explode. Dayenu.


  1. Been Catholic all my life, my brain exploded early on and I've been finding fragments ever since. Some I piece back together, some I just let go if you know what I mean...

  2. Oh Andie, your comments always make me laugh and I'm so grateful to you for that! So basically you're saying you Offer Up brain fragments? Love the image.

  3. I can see how this research could be very useful for the Catholic hierarchy. By careful medical screening they can now discover who the "proper" Catholics are and those in their church who are the free thinking, potential trouble makers. I fear you may have quite a large hippocampus, Meredith.


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