Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Summer Beauty

Simply Divine

Don't miss a lot about living in New Jersey but do miss my gardens. I'd devoted over a decade to perennial gardening that included many varieties of day lilies. While there are day lilies in Baltimore, they're tough to find and see from a 10th floor apartment.

When these images from the garden of Twitter-found friends, Melissa and Eric Guarsh, I asked for and received copies. Am I blessed or what?


  1. I'm so glad you enjoyed the pictures! I am very happy with my garden. When we moved into our home there was nothing, rather than spend money every year on annuals we accepted any perennials our friends and acquaintances would give to us, this is one of those, It's so big now I am going to have to move some to the backyard. I'm happy about that as Eric just added an additional flower bed back there.

  2. Day Lilies are so beautiful. A friend gave me a very special one a few years ago: A Jean Wise lilly. no, not named after me but shared my name. It is yellow and has jest bloomed this week. thanks for reminding me to go out and enjoy it today


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