Saturday, July 30, 2011

Wedding: Marriage Prep Re-Visioned


  1. Yabut.



    Certainly "obedience" imposed is not obedience. "Belief" imposed is not belief. And so on.

    The Church, however, does not impose, it proposes. Proposes truths, proposes beliefs, proposes ways of life that bring Truths and beliefs to life.

    Small "c" church, often not so much. Fallen, we want the security of rules to stave off the fear (does God really love ME?) and impose those rules on others from and in that same fear. "Love, just Love" is not enough of a rule for most. Ethic smothers ethos.

    One of the truths that the Church proposes is, that in some small imperfect ways, spouses CAN approach the original perfect unity of the Garden. (Do I have enough conditionals in that sentence?) Two becoming one "flesh" is not a proposal of domination/submission, or some kind of hive-mind woo-woo. Rather, it proposes the unity of the Three of the Trinity. Separate, distinct, Three, yet one.

    And proposed, not imposed, this is not a requirement _for_ marriage, it's a condition _of_ marriage, something you grow into and discover more deeply with each passing year. limitations and other stuff...back story...I have found this to be true.

    Love to you both

  2. Dear MOm,
    You have been God's gift to me today. Please send me your email address so I may thank you in my depth and detail. #PBWY


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