Monday, August 15, 2011

Wedding: Crowd-Sourcing the Dress

On my wedding day...what to wear?

White? Don't be ridiculous.

Black? No one will let me, even though I look and feel fabulous in black.

The klutz factor rules out wearing a long gown. My personal desire to be frum in church means at least 3/4-length sleeves. I refuse to wear anything that requires being strangled to near-death by what was once called a girdle but is now called "shapewear."

I also don't want to waste time schlepping through stores, so this weekend I went shopping online. Of course I didn't buy anything. Since I'm quasi-incapable of doing something like this without input, a group of trusted gal pals, one male friend, and Dan received links to dresses I thought I liked.

(Ever the social scientist, I sent out the email with blind copies so as not to taint the sample. Some of them know one another and are also on Twitter.)

The results? A clear preference for one of the dresses with a couple of friends adding most graciously, "You'd look gorgeous in either."

I ended up ordering the dress that landed the most votes, which also happened to be the one I like the best...for now.


  1. Here are a few color ideas:

    shimmery gold?

    whatever you choose will be lovely.

  2. The dress I ordered is deep purple ("Aubergine.") We'll see what it looks like off the screen and on my flesh unit.

  3. Aubergine goes really well with gold-colored accessories. Good luck with all this!

  4. Love the story, Meredith. You'll look FABULOUS! I worked full or part-time in men's clothing stores from ages 18 to 23, and when we got in a new shipment of shirts, that's when I first learned about aubergine as a fashion color.

  5. Aubergine - sounds perfect.

    Were your ears burning today? I was tossing your name and #chosm around!

  6. Delayed reaction --- frum!!!!!

  7. Fran: Not burning but buzzing a bit! Hope you were tossing #chsocm (not #chosm) around. Please encourage folks to subscribe to the blog so they get info about transcripts, etc.

  8. Well, it was spoken - let us hope that I spoke the right thing!

  9. Now, what color nylons and shoes? Hmmm?

  10. So, Bren, are you saying that black leggings and ballet flats are inappropriate?


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