Monday, September 26, 2011

Quote du Jour (Religion Department)

Hoping to God that all who are big time stuck on orthodoxy and orthopraxy at the expense of spiritual growth -- their own and that of others -- let these words from Pope Benedict XVI touch their hearts:

“Agnostics, who are constantly exercised by the question of God, those who long for a pure heart but suffer on account of our sin, are closer to the Kingdom of God than believers whose life of faith is 'routine' and who regard the Church merely as an institution, without letting their hearts be touched by faith.”

─ Pope Benedict XVI



  1. Thanks Meredith, this post definitely resonates with me and should be always in the face of all congregations!

  2. I love you for this - thanks, it is just what I needed. Thank God, thank you too.

  3. Thanks Meredith. I've just been reading the Pope's final speech and I have a migraine because he can always use the gospels to justify no change in the institution and frankly it is doing my head in.

  4. Wow, Meredith. What a quote... Thank you for sharing that.

    With wholehearted agreement,

  5. Love this quote and couldn't agree more.


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