Friday, October 14, 2011

Off to the Mayo Clinic!

I'm leaving on Sunday, October 16 for the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MinneSOta. No, not for a physical exam as per my Bridal Registry request.

I'll be there for a week attending the Social Media Summit, followed by meetings for members of the Social Media Health Network. (I serve on the External Advisory Board for the Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media.)  Those meetings run through Thursday noon.

Mayo Clinic's very first Social Media Residency Program begins at 12:30 on Thursday and concludes Friday afternoon. Based on the medical residency model, this Social Media Residency is an intense 15-hour mix of didactic, small group and hands-on teaching for which participants will receive CME credits. I'm one of the instructors and Chief Residents responsible for rounding with a group of social media residents. I've also spent the past month or so helping to create and finalize the curriculum and textbook.

God willing, my plane will actually land at BWI on midnight, Friday, October 21. I will then have approximately 13 days to recuperate before swinging into wedding mode.

Did I know about this timeline in advance? Yes, I did.  Did I think through any possible body/mind/spirit consequences of this timeline? No, I did not. Has anyone characterized this or me as "crazy" or "insane"? Yes, several people have already done so.

Meet my new patron saint:

St. Christina the Astonishing


  1. Oy! Take good care of yourself and as for the insane, you have a big dose of astonishing, always working on your side!!

    This does sound great - but hang in there and be well!!

  2. Does St Christina the Astonishing moonlight for non-Catholics? If yes, count me in. Sounds like a great trip and will love to hear about it when you return.

  3. Godspeed, Meredith! I have faith that Saint Christina will see you through the conference all the way to the altar and beyond.

  4. Oh I do love St. Christine the Astonishing and her contempt for "the stench of sin." I just may have to write about her recent appearance at the Williams Bros. Grocery where she was found in the soup aisle (clad in her trademark pink tennis shoes) poking at some hapless man and chanting, "Pink, pink, you stink!" to encourage him away from his sinful path.

    Have a great time at the Mayo. Your enthusiasm for the social media is contagious and I KNOW they'll be thrilled to be your students.


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