Sunday, October 23, 2011

Wedding: Getting & Giving Good Reception

I was sent this image and all ordering information by a dear friend who has a "thing" -- to put it most generously -- about drinking high quality coffee. "I think you should get this for the reception."

Yeah, okay. I'll get right on it.

Never mind I'm already dealing with the fact that at least some goodies at the post-wedding coffee hour(s) must accommodate gluten allergies, lactose intolerance and diabetes plus sugar-free-but-no-artificial-sweeteners-allowed folks. Also vegetarians. If any vegans are attending, I do not want to know. Let them eat steak.

As for the coffee situation, there happens to be a St.Arbucks within easy walking distance* of the Cathedral of the Incarnation.

I'm thinking my dear friend should take everyone's coffee order during the Peace exchange ruckus, text it from her ever-present iPhone, and then zip out during verse two of Holy God, We Praise Your Name to pick it up in time for the reception. I'm sure the Cantor will want to help her.

* Easy if you are not wearing 4" heels.


  1. She must be a GREAT friend! I thought you were going to link to my COFFEE blog? Here, let me :)

    Some people are STILL short even in 4 inch heels. Just sayin.

    Thanks for getting married at a cathedral near a Starbucks. Straight genius.

  2. It is perfect Home appliance for any function :) Thank you for Nice reviews.

  3. I will take an extra hot, no whip, skim, pumpkin spice latte, with foam. Anyway I can get that before I preach the homily? ;-)

  4. Meredith -- St. Arbucks, patron saint of the undercaffeinated, is clearly the answer. Is your friend going to buy you said machine as a wedding gift?

  5. Dan "the groom" WebsterOctober 24, 2011 at 7:29 PM

    OMG, I just saw the countdown clock on the blog. Really? That soon? Wow. After picking up the tailored suit slacks and new dress shirt today that's one more thing to check off the list. We're going to have fun during and after the ceremony. Yay!

  6. Jim-Her friend is NOT going to buy her said machine for her wedding gift. If said friend could buy $1000 coffee machine - said friend would keep it :)

  7. And coffee is available before, during, after or anytime that weekend apparently. I'll be cleaning the bride's apartment with her new steam mop so just page me and I'll be right over!


  8. The Cantor can't cant and do a coffee run at the same time, so he will stick to what he can do, and cant.

    P.S. That machine would make a nice birthday gift for an older brother.

  9. Have you already crossed off the Joe-in-the-Box option?

    Thanks for keeping it real...

  10. I thought coffee was only a requirement at Jewish weddings?

  11. Amazing (or not) how anything having to do with coffee lands lots of comments...right up there with mentions of chocolate.


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