Friday, December 9, 2011

Welcome to the Blogosphere: Teach What You Believe

Does the Catholic blogosphere need yet another blog? Since the new blogger is being launched by Deacon Jim Knipper (@jjknipper), I'm going to say yes.

Teach What you Believearriving on the scene as we proclaim Gaudete on this third Sunday in Advent, promises "musings, commentary, and other thought fodder from a Roman Catholic Deacon." I don't have to see a lot of content in advance to know that this blog will be informative, inspirational, and amusing.

I've known Jim for over a decade in the world of church as well as the healthcare industry. Not only was I blessed to attend his ordination to the deaconate in 2008, but I had a great seat. Jim gave the rockin' amazing homily at my wedding, so if he does nothing more than post links to his homilies, his blog will be great. Please join me in welcoming him to the blogosphere.


  1. This is great... I enjoyed the homily at your wedding. I also am fond of people who feel called to the diaconate who remain deacons rather than seeing it as an intermediate state en route to the priesthood. Yes, one needs to be a deacon first, but in my opinion the world needs more deacons...

  2. Sue, many thanks for your comment...I just wish the hierarchy of the Church felt the same as many see the permanent diaconate a threat to priestly vocations. God knows how much there is to be done in his vineyard!

  3. Thanks for this Meredith,
    I've signed up on your recommendation. Deacons usually seem less constrained to speak out compared to many priests. :-)


  4. Sue and Phil,
    Some of the best pastoral care I've ever received has come from deacons. These days the Roman Church seems to have difficulty supporting this holy order. My cynical guess is that they're worried that WOMEN might become deacons. I, of course, think we should be able to be ordained as permanent deacons. Plenty of historical/Biblical precedent. Plus, we're doing much of the work already!


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