Saturday, January 7, 2012

My Latest Book and Other News from the Life Front

Reporting this news as the year begins . . .

Trite truism: be careful for what you wish. Back in September I wrote a post about wishing wedding gifts would include funding for much-needed, long-neglected routine medical tests. That post took on a life of its own that involved coverage on an ABC affiliate in Minnesota. As it turned out, I ended up being well-covered by health insurance after marrying Dan

I mention this back story because of what has happened after I started getting all those much-needed, long-neglected medical tests. I'll skip to one of the bottom lines: "rare and benign." Still awaiting results of other tests. Woo-hoo 2012!

Meanwhile, my life of faith, creativity, and productivity goes on. Not one to waste time while waiting to hear from the radiologist, I spent last week answering fabulous interview questions about my latest book, Getting #Married: Using Social Media to Celebrate the Sacred. This book that I started writing within days of my wedding, officially launched on January 6, the day the Magi (no pictures this year, alas) arrived on the (Nativity) scene.

I hope you'll read and be entertained by what I've been asked and what I have to say about Getting #Married during this coming week's blog tour. Tickled by how everyone asked different questions and how those questions were perfect!

Still waiting to hear from a couple of folks about when our interview will be posted. What I know for sure right now is that I'll be at Elizabeth Cunningham's blog on Wednesday, January 11 and The Rev. Penny Nash's blog on Thursday, January 12. Links to come.

Already available for your reading entertainment:

  • An interview with The Rev. Carol Howard Merritt at Christian Century. Read it here
  • An interview with the author by the author on the #ChSocM (church social media blog). Read it here.

Getting #Married is available in print or on Kindle. Click on the sidebar to order from here. Priced less than a cup of designer coffee! Would make a great gift for the clergy person who still doesn't "get" the value of social media!


  1. Meredith dear, I know you will keep us posted on how you are. Thanks for the update. I like the sounds of "benign."

    Yes, indeed. Your interview with me will be delivered to mailboxes on Wednesday, up Tuesday. Will work on it in draft tomorrow to make sure the links carry over. If not I'll be tweeting for help!

  2. Thank God the test came good and prayers for the others to go the same way.
    Good luck with interviews tomorrow and the book.


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