Saturday, February 25, 2012

An Author's Life: Not Weathering Weather Well

These crocuses? Saw them during a walk I took last week. They're lovely harbingers of spring and you'd think I'd be glad and grateful for their perky appearance. I am not. In fact I was somewhat bummed to see them and the daffodils that started blooming a few days ago.

What's my problem? I like seasons. I especially like winter because of its promise of deep dark snowy quiet. Like? Actually, I need an extended period of deep dark snowy quiet to write. That hasn't happened this year in Baltimore. No snow. None.

Praying for snow isn't working, so I might have to resort to magic: packing up humidifiers, storing down comforters, putting away sweaters, and getting out summer clothes. Yes, I am that desperate for snowfall.


  1. Completely with you on this one, Meredith. The thin places around Advent and Lent are "normally" in collusion with nature's cycles, and are supposed to mesh nicely with introspection and inner work. It intrigues me how people experience Lent in the Southern hemisphere where their seasons are inverted.


  2. Phil: At least they HAVE seasons, yes? We've had none this year. I say to Dan, "If I wanted to live in California, I'd move to California." SO cranky. More than usual!


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