Monday, May 28, 2012

Apartment Living: My Little Patch of Paradise

Spearmint gone wild
Turns out the 3' x 5' garden plots in the courtyard are free for the asking. Building management loves residents to grow stuff. Who knew?

Truth to tell, I wasn't up to gardening before now. For one thing, it's so wicked hot and humid here in Baltimore, I spent my first two summers avoiding going outside.

For another, I was still mourning the loss of my gardens in Princeton. That's right, gardens because I eventually claimed all the arable land around my end unit condo. By the time I moved, I'd spent nearly a decade creating perennial gardens that bloomed during Spring, Summer, and Fall. I kept one favorite garden trowel, gave everything else away, and resigned myself to not killing house plants.

Out-of-Control Knock Out rose
Done with gardening? Apparently not.

Two days I ago I claimed two dinky adorable plots and have my eye on a third that no one has claimed.

I've already spent six hours cleaning them out; collected thank yous from neighbors tired of looking at a rosebush that could land the role of Audrey II in a production of The Little Shop of Horrors; gardening muscles and Epsom salts baths rediscovered and celebrated.

What shall I do with my little patch of Paradise? I'm waiting for more to be revealed once I find a good garden store.

One view of the garden I left behind


  1. Ih, what a happy post. I am heir to gardens my mother-in-law created during sixty years of passionate garden. I am falling in love and feel as though I am learning a language by immersion.
    Your garden in Princeton reminds me of her way of gardening. I am so happy to think of you calling forth flowers again.

  2. Oh, Elizabeth, I'd forgotten how much my body and soul missed gardening. The muscle soreness is a delightful reminder and I'm cracking myself up laughing by announcing to Dan that I'm doing done to "work the land."

  3. I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of the metamorphosis of the gardens. I have a small yard with simple gardens but I enjoy this gift from God immensely.


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