Sunday, May 27, 2012

Obliterating Tolerations

My beloved coach, Kimberly Bryant, is Coach University certified and a stellar example of CoachU's gold standard training. She received it years ago when Thomas Leonard was still among us.

I was the grateful recipient of her coaching brilliance well over a decade ago during the perfect storm of career and life transition. The half-life of her wisdom has lasted that long. My evidence? I still know enough to periodically obliterate "tolerations." I'm currently in one of those periods.

Tolerations? Those things, usually (but not always) little stuff, we tolerate. It's the 3-way bulb that has been blown out to 1-way forever. It's the slight water damage under window sill that requires repainting. It's the bag of clothes for Goodwill that lives in the car's trunk. In my case, the Roman Catholic church has finally made it onto that list.

You get the picture. This is the stuff that we tolerate. We'll get around to doing/fixing/dealing with it someday. Meanwhile, energy gets sucked right out of us every time we wander by and think, "Arrrggggh, must deal with that...someday."

I've been back from Seattle for a week, my head cold is 90% cleared out, I'm energized by what I learned from being with #pnwchsocm participants, and I'm moving forward by cleaning up tolerations. Big and small tolerations I've obliterated or planning to restructure this week:

  • Plastic hangers that have limited the efficient use of my clothes closet. Solution: flat velvet hangers (in pink! on sale!); plastic hangers going to the thrift store.
  • Twitter accounts by individuals who do nothing but broadcast their own content and never engage in conversation. Solution: unfollow and, in some instance, block.
  • Sunlight through the one living room window that still streams it in because I ran out of smoke-colored glare reduction film. Solution: get more film and finish the job.
  • Books I never got around to reading and never will. Solution: send to Amazon sell-back for credit when possible; schlep the rest to The Book Thing
  • Pillows that are hurting my neck. Solution: new pillows!
  • Paper documents that are obsolete and stored in plastic bins that have taken over an entire closet. Solution: Scan what I need what I don't; find URLs for online stuff I printed out and dump it into Evernote.
  • Reading about retro craziness from the Magisterium that I'm allowing to get between me and God. Solution: ignore; focus on God; pray, "Come, Holy Spirit."


  1. What a wonderful post for Pentecost, as we encourage the flames of the Holy Spirit to burn off all of the dead stuff and debris from our lives. Thanks for the important reminder!

  2. And note: the last shall be first! Truly, my trip to Seattle was the prefer prelude to Pentecost.

  3. I would definitely have to agree that I have felt the need to focus less on the institutional church and more on God and what God wants me to do. While I am concerned about the direction the Church seems to be taking, I have to trust that all is in God's hands and God will let me know if God wants me to do or say anything. In the meantime, as you say, "pray, 'Come Holy Spirit'".

  4. I love Pentecost and I love what you have done and said here... And I am glad that you are feeling better.

    As for this one, "Twitter accounts by individuals who do nothing but broadcast their own content and never engage in conversation. Solution: unfollow and, in some instance, block." Gosh, I still feel so lame at Twitter, I hope that I am not in this number.

  5. Ah Fran, I know that Twitter isn't your preferred social media language. You rock at blog commenting and FB real presence.

  6. This is an inspiring, action-provoking post! Thank you!

    PS: I do converse a bit on twitter. I hope you won't delete me. I have become addicted to counting syllables for tanka.


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