Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sneezing in Seattle

Two days before leaving for Seattle, my husband sent me a link to a cheery little article about the whooping cough  epidemic in this region. Like I had time to get a booster shot? I did not and want to believe that doing so would not have prevented what rolled in yesterday afternoon.

Today I'm being held hostage by a sore throat, sneezing, and post nasal tsunami. To make matters worse, I've completely lost interest in the fabulous gluten-free pastries I discovered at a nearby bakery.

But as bummer events go, this is rather nice. I'm staying at the Sorrento, a lovely old boutique hotel in the First Hill neighborhood. Comfy bed, abundant tissues, and WiFi.  With regret I canceled two meet-ups scheduled for today so I can rest up for tomorrow's workshops . . . and wander (rather than crawl) back to that wonderful bakery.


Ann said...

Allergy time in Seattle. Pollen is everywhere. Try zyrtec or a clone

Meredith Gould said...

I'd be delighted if this were an allergy situation, but the sore throat and body aches suggest an old-fashioned cold. More evidence? I'm craving soup and ginger ale, which never happens when my seasonal allergies flare up.

Ann said...

healing prayers

Lynda said...

I hope you are feeling very well tomorrow. Not only will you be disappointed but those who are looking forward to hearing your talks and workshops. Take care.