Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Life as a Clergy Wife: Monday, Monday, Not So Good to Me.

Just when I thought Monday was the preferred day of rest for clergy who spend weekends working their butts off sharing the Good News of God's abiding love and mercy, I discover otherwise.

A quick bit of crowd-sourcing swiftly revealed how just about every other cleric I follow on Twitter takes Fridays off.*

"You need to get with the other Prots," I tell my husband, who takes Mondays off, thanks to episcopal fiat. Such are the joys of serving on a diocesan staff and getting blessed with a supply gig almost every [adjective] Sunday.

I'm having a tough time getting in alignment with this schedule.

So what if I've been baptized for well over a decade, Fridays are Shabbat. And thanks to years of serving in music and liturgical ministry during my very own Christian Era, Sundays begin the work week. In my weird world, Monday has always been the second day of the work week. It still is for me, but not for my husband.

Annoying, confusing, and somewhat inconvenient. Still, I must confess this situation is forcing me to acknowledge how I actually don't take any days off. Gee, not only am I violating the fourth commandment, but I'm also being stupid about necessary self-care.

Clergy wife life is proving to be quite illuminating.

*Years ago I worked for a priest who took Wednesdays off, primarily because that's when he and his BFF could get great tickets for Broadway theater, the reviews about which he regaled staff during Thursday meetings -- right after we cracked open the Word and before we dealt with parish angst.


  1. Having done mostly shift work and holidays most my adult life for me sabbath is when you get it. One reason why I appreciated Donna Schaper's book, Sabbath Keeping, when I happened upon it. Just grateful for the labor unions who fought for the 40 hour work week and so many other benefits we take for granted in this country. Resting in God is now my favorite practice.

  2. I'm not a clergy wife but what I have seen is that no one seems to stop AT ALL anymore. Sunday is church then work. Saturday is errands and work. Monday is a lot bigger than Sunday, and a lot more work.

    So I grab bits of "sabbath" whenever I can. Sometimes it's on Thursday night; often it's on Wednesday before we begin Stephen Ministry meetings. Neither or those examples are really in line with what the sabbath is about though. You've given me something to think about and I'm grateful for that:)


  3. Jody (xox),
    As ever, I relate but thinking the grabbing shreds of Sabbath is not working. Let's make a pinky promise to be better to ourselves!

  4. At the last parish I worked, Monday was a day off for ALL staff. Around the county, Tuesday is clergy day off. (But I worked in a Jesuit parish, so of course we did things differently!)

  5. Shannon: Of course you did things differently! Love Jesuits and actively seek Jesuit-run parishes to offset other irritants.


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