Friday, September 28, 2012

Creative Work Avoidance: Horsing Around with Wordle

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Ever play with Wordle? The last time I did was about four years ago but after reading a post by Steve Woodruff titled, "A Creative Visual Resume," I decided this was a perfectly wonderful way to avoid doing other work this afternoon.

To create this Wordle, I edited my LinkedIn profile a bit and then plopped it into the generator provided at the Wordle site. I then futzed around with the font, layout, and color until I decided to go with this version that really does capture me and my career to date. Missing are references to having good hair days and cats because I don't reveal that stuff on my resume. Maybe I should?


  1. love IS so you...mine would now include words like: workaholic; 9:00 bed time; early mornings (like 5:00 AM!); readings (people really do use words like cannonicity; didactic; epistomology; noetic; and I could go on!

  2. If you have good hair days, you definitely should include that on your resume. Cats always add interest. :-)

  3. Meredith -- thanks for the tip. I must try it, but first gotta get some work done! -- Jim

  4. Jim: Oh you didn't log off immediately and try this!

    Elizabeth: I had stuff like "good hair days" but Jim made me strip most of it out of my LinkedIn profile to look "professional." I adding the cat info back in.

    Griff: Yes, you are now stuck in the world where Really Big Words have meaning -- until they don't.

  5. Just to let you know, after reading this post, I killed about two hours pasting various blog stuff into Wordle. I actually came up with a cool one based on my Tosca reviews, and another based on my feedback on the Met Ring cycle. A fun two hours. Thanks! :)


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