Saturday, October 13, 2012

News Flash from the USCCB about Our Lord and Lamb

News Flash*
Jesus is the Lamb of God, 
end of narrative.

* "The Angus Dei should not be prolonged unnecessarily...
nor may other texts be added to this chant." 
Read all about it here.


  1. Michelle...y'mean like: Holy, Holy, Holy? For now, a trinity of holies is still allowed!

  2. Dear Jesus Lamb of God,

    When I was little I used to like going to mass because I actually thought the clothes were cool and I did so love that incense! But my favorite part was the part where we sang about Agnes Day. What happened to her?

    PS - I also was very jealous of Tommy Criscione because he was an altar boy. I wanted the long red robe and little white flouncy top that went over it. He would have that flat golden plate with a handle, ready in case communion fell. I really wanted to do this a lot and could not understand why I couldn't. I may not yet be over the whole thing. And I kept hoping that our Blessed Mother and Agnes Day might help me out. What do you think?

  3. Fran, While you're waiting to hear from Jesus, I can fill in some details: Agnes was played by Meg Tilly who was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role. ;-)

  4. Oh Fran, I have never met Agnes as I'm a late bloomer in Catholicism but fortunately for me, we have never committed the sin in our Canadian Parish (at least to my knowledge) of singing anything but "Lamb of God"! Seriously, my heart breaks that we in the Church who have been called to be faithful servants of the Living God spend time arguing over "words" when people all over the world have no knowledge of God and others are dying of starvation. We are called to greater things than this. I believe that Jesus looks at the Church and weeps.

    Please forgive my rant.

  5. I sang it today as cantor. No tropes. But since we haven't figured out how to signal to the assembly that it's the last one, stuck to three.

  6. I did my master's thesis on the breaking of the bread. The litany of the Lamb of God is supposed to go on long enough to allow all the bread to be broken (and wine to be poured). Cup isn't shared? Cut the litany short. Don't use actual bread? Even three "Lamb of God" are too much. Back in the day, some LONG psalms were used for the fraction rite. Minimalism kills.

  7. A liturgical phrase oft used as a response in Episcopal litanies come to mind and springs to my lips:

    "Good Lord, deliver us!"

  8. When I was at Mass yesterday evening, I looked around, watching some still stumble around so much of the still new-ish language. I was so busy looking around that I got myself all screwed up.


    It is like some endless fiddling with a detail, fiddling - like Nero - as Rome burned.

    *deeper sigh*

    Where's that Agnes Day when I need her?

  9. Shannon: Imagining the response from the bishops to be something like, "Yeah, but, you're a girl."

    Fran: I was going to stay for evening Mass at the cathedral last week but took one look at the cheat-sheet in the pew and just couldn't stick around.


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