Thursday, December 20, 2012

Finding Sleep, The Final Frontier

We're going back for round two! 

This time we're bringing sleep aids!

I can think of other ways to spend Shabbat, but looks like I'll be back tomorrow night for another round at the optimistically-named Sleep Solutions. This time it's to try out CPAP (Continuous positive airway pressure) options in anticipation of having my very own machinery. Woohoo!

Although I was not happy to be informed about the snoring (so unattractive), I'm thrilled to finally get a dx for the apnea. Ever the overachiever, I don't just have ho-hum obstructive sleep apnea. I also have central sleep apnea. This is, of course, a "rarer form" and "often seen in nursing homes and among the ill."

Is anyone surprised? I am not, although I always framed my interludes of not breathing as evidence of my advanced level of attainment as a yogini -- a mash-up of pranayama and pratyahara on the way to samadhi.

What the...?  Oh, you don't know about my yoga years?!?

Meanwhile, back on the Earth Plane it all adds up to Mixed Sleep Apnea, which means finding the right mask and pressure solution will be a challenge. Of course.

Even more challenging? Another night of dealing with the sleep center's decor.

I didn't mind the goop in my hair or the 21 wire leads all over my body. The color of the room? Heinous. And the placement of the bed was a major feng shui faux pas.

I told the owner I really wanted to rearrange everything. She laughed. We'll see who's laughing on Monday because I'm pretty sure I can talk Tim the Tech into helping me move furniture by letting him hold Mr. Oatmeal.


  1. Oh I love how you see things, I love how you work.

    I think the term is gay schluffen in Yiddish, but I'm not sure!

  2. Fran, you're right! It's gay schluffen and some people say gay schleffi, works either way! xx

  3. Meredith, you have such a marvellous way with words. Who else could make us all chuckle over the decor of the sleep clinic?

  4. How did it go? Did Mr. Oatmeal get any sleep? Did they let you rearrange the furniture? Inquiring minds want to know!

  5. *Did* Meredith rearrange the furniture? My question is this *How* did she rearrange the furniture!! I'm sure she did it! :-)))

  6. Since the world has not ended (thanks a heap, Mayans, you teases) I go tonight. The room I was in needed the bed to face the door, for one thing. And would I love to bring a bucket of paint. And different lighting. And linens...Hmmm, wonder if my meds are a bit off?

  7. Much love to you and Mr. Oatmeal on this long night. And bon chance to anyone who tries to stop you from pushing the furniture around!

    Merry Yuletide!


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