Monday, January 7, 2013

An Author's Life: I Submit

Catchy n' clever blog title, eh? Bet you can figure out that I'm referring to manuscript submission. The deadline was January 1 and I put the thing into DropBox on January 2.

To my father of blessed memory I owe my ability to meet deadlines. He tore up my fifth grade Blue Whale report saying, "This will teach you to leave something until the last minute." Yes, Mommie Dearest had a counterpart. Growing up was so . . . character building.

An alternate lede for this post: Turkeys are done; people are finished. The manuscript is finished; I'm done. Pretty much. What's next?

What's next is always a major clean-a-thon as well as creating and slamming through a punch list of everything I've neglected while writing or avoiding writing. The punch list includes activities like spraying WD-40 into door hinges, assembling tax records, thinking about getting back to yoga.

Already accomplished: vacuuming out the innards of my computer's tower, watching all of "Homeland," reading novels and picking up 15 more at The Book Thing this past Saturday, wandering in for much-needed acupuncture. More about the continuing apnea adventures in a future post.

True to form, I've begged loved ones to slap me upside the head if I ever ever ever talk about writing another book. True to form, I'm thinking about the next book. True to form, loved ones are laughing too hard to smack me.


  1. Mazel tov!!! I'm so happy for you. And for us!

    And as the blog name says, More Meredith Gould. As I am wont to say, More Meredith Gould books. Please!

    I'm done! :-) Can't wait for the finished product.

  2. Thank you! The next book I'm thinking about might seem really off track, whatever the track might be. I had one church communication colleague say, "The problem is no one can classify your work."

  3. Meredith, you are so creative that it doesn't surprise me that no one can classify your work! That person paid you a real compliment. I can hardly wait for Lent to see what comes every Friday in 2013 - you know I loved the fish. I guess I would say that you are the personification of thinking outside the box and that is challenging and refreshing. :)

  4. Congratulations, dear Meredith! I join your friends in their uproarious laughter (as distinct from smacking). "No one can classify your work" is something I have heard before. At least now I know I am in excellent company. Right on, write on!


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