Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Habemus Papam: Pope Francis

For the first time in years I find myself feeling authentically hopeful about the possibility of a Roman Catholic Church that acts justly, loves tenderly, and walks humbly with and for God. Still taking in this news, so don't know that I can write much more at this juncture.

Basically I'm wandering around in optimistic wonder, especially after reading, "The Horror! A Buenos Aires journalist describe Bergoglio." In it, Marcelo Gonzalez excoriates Pope Francis for lending "his Cathedral to Protestants, Muslims, Jews, and even to partisan groups" as well as being a "sworn enemy of the Traditional Mass."

And what's this? Our new pope has allowed himself to be blessed by Protestant ministers? Oh the delightful, welcomed, and much needed One Body in Christ-ness of it all!


  1. I think he was the best *this* conclave could have come up with. Change comes slow but it does come.

  2. And my prayer is that he doesn't end up being another JPI.

  3. Among the first comments I heard was the description of Francis as a reformer, as was his namesake, due to his "radical" lifestyle and outspoken advocacy for the poor. He was also predicted to be a hard-liner on dogma, which surely, if true, will mean he will maintain the RCC's boundaries around pastoral issues of marriage, conception control, maternal health, and everything else related to females. Surely the RCC keeps women in the bondage of poverty in the broadest sense. I will always appreciate Dorothy L. Sayers poignant question, "Are Women Human?"

  4. revbranwen: As a woman who came into feminist consciousness during the 1970s, I find myself ping-ponging all over the place when it comes to women and the RCC.

    OTOH, stunningly and almost obscenely patriarchal. OTOH, home to smart, strong, accomplished, and admirable women throughout history. The paradox makes my head explode and my heart implode much of the time.

  5. My prayer is that he will bend the tree of the Catholic church towards the East. I haven't met an Orthodox priest who on some level prays for reconciliation (granted some view reconciliation as basically abolishing the papacy). Every branch of Christianity has its extremists. But most of us are in the middle. I have been very disheartened by the vitriol from Protestant liberals. Shameful and the lack of humility just undermines the liberal cause itself. Like I said, extremists on all sides. I choose to pray instead...just like the Pontiff requested.

  6. I share your prayer, Drew. I also spend many waking hours praying this, "as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord."


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