Thursday, June 6, 2013

Gardening Department 2013: Side Developments

Meanwhile, here's what's happening
 on the other side of the other side.

From this...

To this!


  1. I am so enjoying these gardening posts... oh, the garden!

  2. Beautiful! I find it doesn't take much to really make a small yard look nice. It is good for my soul to sit out and absorb the beauty. Now I had better go out and cut the lawn before it rains!

  3. I like to put stuff in containers even when there's ground around. Makes it easier to rearrange and redesign. Endlessly!

  4. You would laugh if you could see me now. The lawn is cut and the containers of flowers are tidied and the weeding has been done. It is very cool and windy and cloudy here but I want to be in my little backyard so I am all bundled up with my jacket on and the hood up and I'm wrapped in an afghan - soon I will need gloves!


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